"I make people drool for your food, before they ever taste it!"


Below you will see samples of my food photography, staff photography, Web design and customized restaurant video promos.

Video Promos

Video is the most powerful tool you can use to capture new customers on Facebook, Instagram and YELP.
(All videos below: produced, directed, filmed & edited by Tripp)


Click images below to visit sample Web Sites of my clients:


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Food & Staff Photography

I will create mouth-watering photos for your food or food related products:

  • Use for menus, Web sites, social pages and marketing campaigns
  • My customized place settings and background designs will make your food scream the yumminess!
  • Personal shopping assistance for finding unique design items that give your food that extra visual kick
  • Receive multiple photo angles for each dish (Close-ups, medium and wide shots)
  • I also offer staff photography for owners and employees, so people can see who you are for that more personal connection and for building trust

Video Promos

The most powerful tool for your Web site, social media & advertising campaigns:

  • Completely customized to showcase your food, food products, staff and restaurant
  • Options for including customer testimonials to add the most impact
  • Use your own voice in a documentary style video or a voice-over track
  • Options for multiple video edits. Use shorter videos to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, plus display a full length promo video on your Web site, Facebook page or Instagram, for showcasing more details

Web Design

Your best marketing tool, working 24/7, every day and ever night:

  • Designed to work on all devices, from computers to mobile
  • Customized to work for your business needs
  • A one-stop shop, with the added benefit of using my services to add amazing photography and video options to make your Web site really have that extra visual impact over your competitor
  • Free setup of hosting and email
  • Over 20 years of experience. You won’t waste time with amateurs when you hire me


If you have a project you’d like me to do, please shoot me an email with the Mail Form below so we can meet and discuss your ideas.
Or you can DM me on Instagram:
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